Feb. 5th, 2010

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It's still raining! Most of yesterday it rained!  Most of today it has rained! Go cyclone tail-end rainy goodness!

Yesterday when I got home, I even took photos of the rain!  Like this one.  Though all you can see is the grey, grey cloud and the wet, wet trees; the actual wetting agent remains *invisible* to the naked lens.  The gumtrees have produced new growth almost instantly (in tree time, anyway) in response and are looking all yellow-green and rather pleased with the wet turn of events.

Today I have become addicted to comparing the realtime rain I can see and hear out the window with the 20 minute-delayed BOM radar image loop. This was beneficial earlier (as well as being a bit worryingly meta-living, I know) by enabling me to pick a window of opportunity between showers to go and dig some serious drainage channels off the sides of the driveway, where the colossal puddles and mudslick had formed. This was necessary after it was a little bit more exciting than I would have liked driving the Rally Sports Festiva through it on the way home yesterday afternoon.! ..And judging by how slippery it was to walk on/in the newly drained and uncovered sticky mudslick, it was lucky I hadn't waited any longer; I don't really want to have car access cut to the outside world.! (Although that *would* be pretty cool come Monday morning.)

This message is brought to you by having lived the last five years in a rain shadow in a drought! (Like a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, only drier.)


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