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I don't suppose anyone would like to buy a real genuine Earthcore ticket for the bargain price of $79 + $9.95 (the price I paid months ago)?

Something has Come Up. :(

(Yes, that's right! It's a sydneygoths Ineedtopawnshittofundmycrackhabit post!)
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Perhaps some random updates in pictures..?

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The set I designed for Ben Elton's Popcorn.  Sorry about the (lack of) lighting in the shot.  Set in the loungeroom of earnest Tarantino-esque Hollywood director Bruce Delamitri (decor selected by his wife Farrah).  Yes, that is a 2m tall water feature upstage right.  Yes, it is a fully functional water feature.  The set loses much of the sense of space and height and elegance in the photo (and the honesty-flash shows up all the cracks!); you really had to be there.  The play itself is such an MTC sort of script so I gave them one hell of an MTC sort of set!

The show went really well, the cast were of near-professional standard; pretty damned good for a small town.  And the script hit just the right level of safely and superficially subversive.

One bit that touches me however is when Scout, the young, white trash, accomplice serial killer is telling Brooke, model and actress, what she feels for her serial killer boyfriend: "I love him more than my life.  If I could pull down a star from the sky and give it him I would.  If I had a diamond the size of a TV I'd lay it at his feet.  I got feelings, Brooke, bigger than the ocean, deeper than the grave."

The two serial killers are the most honest genuine characters in the play, the only ones with any true passion about the things that matter - all the rest are Hollywood fakes of one type or another - but popular culture has cheated them of the language with which to articulate their passions.  All Scout can draw on to express her love for Wayne are hollow TV soap cliches, which have such a ring of tragedy to them when embued with real passion because it is painfully clear that Scout has been deprived of poetry.

Now, the important question (well I thought so anyway) is, how on earth did I transform my water feature design which consisted of two rectangles with approximate dimensions and something vaguely muttered about a dulled steel finish into the monolithic tribute to commericalised harmony that you see above?  Well that was with the aid of the latest love of my life, Garry.  He's good at turning ideas into reality!  He's also considerate and giving and funny and clever and crazy and- *gush, gush*..  You get the idea.  He balances my city with his country and we both dig Roxy Music.  Nuff said!

Hmm, what else?  Work is busy, I am sick (again.  Going to get a blood test today.) and I have thus far avoided booking in for a knee reconstruction.  Also, Stuff has been happening but more of that another time.

I realise that this is stating the obvious but it is making me excited:  Summer is coming!!
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I am going to organise a camping trip somewhere up this way sometime over summer!  Yay!  I'm thinking not quite in the same league as the Overland ;)  More of a car-camping basecamp with the potential for one or two (or more!) night walks from there for those who want to.

Three Mile Dam is a really brilliant spot in the Kosci National Park.

If there's a small group to pile into one 4WD we can get to the Bendethra Valley which is even better ;)

I'm thinking early-mid January but that's flexible.

So, who's with me?!  Expressions of interest sought!


In other news, my knee kinda bent sideways while I was playing soccer 5 weeks ago.  I could hardly walk for two weeks, couldn't drive for three, and I can almost bend it 90 degrees!  It sucks bigtime.  And I've completely torn my anterior cruciate ligament, which means I need a sodding knee reconstruction.  But first, I have to wait for the severe bone bruising to heal.  I tell you what, being unable to dance or run in winter does not make for a happy and well-adjusted Mel!

But catching up with [profile] virtual_munkee the other night in Canberra was ace!!  (Talk soon, babe and I gotta see about renting your holiday house come Sept-Oct!)
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Heyo! I ain't been around here for a while cos my modem got zapped by lightning and I've been slack about getting a new one and setting it up.

So.. how's everyone been going??

Oh- an amusing (in a way) anecdote!

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a ball playing tour guide and welcome woman in Melbourne for an out-of-town friend. (I was only around for 4 days or so and saw virtually no one ;) I had previously mentioned the Gin Palace, he was keen to go. Expectations were high. So we arrive around half four on Saturday arvo, avoiding the crowds successfully. Some chums of the bar staff were there also, with their cockerspaniel (in a bar?? OH+S?) All fine until the dear little spaniel decides to take a crap on the carpet right next to where we're sitting. OMGWTF??? But yknow, we've still got glasses half empty at this point. Eventually go to pay and leave, make a crack about the dog's offering being for free, bar woman demonstrates distinct lack of sense of humour and customer service skills and brushes us off. Well fuck.

I know I'm easily offended by bad service but that was just rude and insulting. Dog crap in close proximity does tend to spoil the mood, no matter how much the party responsible fits in with the decor. Lucky there're plenty of other swank-ae places to go in that fair city, hey? :/
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The other day: Love is a friend who rearranges your fridge poetry into iambic pentameter.

Yesterday: Love is not nasty, horrible people who think that being country footballer males justifies any and all cruel sociopathic behaviour.


Apr. 10th, 2006 05:16 pm
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"The AFP does not condone the use of psychics in security matters."

Glad they put that worry to rest.

How funny. I wish I had the inside story. Let's see what cooma-rumours I can catch..
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Yo, Melbourne crew!

I hope you are all going to be attending golgotha on Thursday night. I will be there with my camera, Cedric, so make sure y'all dress for the history books!

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So the other night, in my odd and self-obsessed way, i was trying to think of what's important to me in relationships, and was coming up with all these neat little slogans like "Honesty. Communication. Trust" and "Take nothing for granted", and I got to about five of these and was looking over them and thought "My god, what a wank!"

And that's when i had the greatest money-making idea i've had yet:

Motivational posters for the bedroom.

Those dinky (yet very earnest and sincere) slogans entitling vaguely appropriate hardcore porn images.


Please contact my sales department for methods by which you can acknowledge my genius.
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Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice. Instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to aid and abet. That would mean that security is out of the question. ... My love for you has no strings attached. I love you for free.

- 'Still Life With Woodpecker' by Tom Robbins

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Sometimes I encourage butterflies to flap their wings just to see what will happen.
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Running is so much more fun (and less painful) if you stick your arms out and pretend you're flying. Especially into a headwind.

I think I will try this technique in the triathlon.
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You know your life is a little sad when accidently spilling milk down your cleavage is sordidly exciting.
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Argh! Hair-dye-ammonia scalp itch! It burns, it burns!

But sometimes sacrifices have to be made.. ;)
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How slack am I?

Well, here it is finally, some Tassie pics! (Remember, [livejournal.com profile] morsla's photos shit all over mine..)


(My html fu is weak. I have shame.)

Also, I can finally start showin y'all bits and pieces of where I live and work..! (Sadly I cannot give you 6 million pictures of my cat. I understand that this will grieve you greatly.)

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Alright, I have one week left in which to be young and stupid. (After that, I will commence languishing in old-and-stupid instead.)

So what should I do for a farewell concert? Relive past tragic glories of stupidity? Strike out in a bold new direction for the young and stupid of today to follow? Hide at home under the doona for a week? Just hurry up and top myself cos, as Ziggy says, "don’t wanna stay alive when you’re 25"?



Drinks are on at The Alpine this Friday if you happen to be in the area ;)
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Wow, I don't know if it's the swimming or those tortuous morning-after sprints we did on Saturday but I've never been able to run like that before. No gasping for breath and almost dying, no calves burning; I could have run forever.

Losing myself in the motion and the heat.

Exactly what I needed to lose some of this energy and stress. r0ck.


Edit: Reckon I did over 5kms.. The run leg of the triathlon is only going to be 4km. Sweet!
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I'm starting to feel rather a lot like Rappaccini's daughter around here.. Not a good thing, but fun nonetheless.
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I must say, the world is a vastly better place after having danced all Saturday night.

Not only have I avoided the oh so strong temptation to flash random people so far today, but I also arrived home this afternoon to discover that my DVD burner has miraculously *unfucked itself* after Saturday's failed firmware update. (Moral: do NOT trust handy convenient auto firmware update software.)

Much Dancing and Rejoicing.

Speaking of which, Carl Cox was pretty damned good. Not quite as hard and fast as I would have liked but a good pace for going all night. And PHATT BEATZ, as they say.

I met a few people, which was cool too. Including one guy - attention: [livejournal.com profile] miss_rynn - who's like the 5th best DDR player in Australia or something. He reminded me of [livejournal.com profile] punk_rock_nerd, only more annoying.. =)


PS Hi [livejournal.com profile] punk_rock_nerd! How are you going? I haven't seen you for ages! I miss you! heh..


Jan. 28th, 2006 10:51 am
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I was going to write something completely different.

But that was before a couple of random guys driving past got an eyeful of me. In my room. After my shower. Naked.

*sigh* Small town, eh?

Pretty funny tho.

Good thing I'm going out in Canberra tonight.
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What I did on my holidays, part 1: summary

- Soccer weekend to the coast (camping and craziness)
- Sydney 1 (work junket)
- Sydney 2 (The Cat Empire and general tourista)
- Lake Crackenback Resort (work junket)
- Earthcore (did I mention that one o the djs mixed the rain and the storm in with his set and how godly amazing it was?)
- Engineers Australia Awards Dinner (work junket)

- Whitewater Rafting and partying in happening Khancoban
- Hydrotechnology course in Cabramurra
- Work Xmas Party in Jindabyne
- Training in Melbourne
- Xmas trip back to Melb
- To the coast for new year's!

- Hiking along the Overland Track in Tassie
- And being tourista in Hobart

sweetjesusholyfuckingchrist. nuff said.

I was supposed to be at Rainbow RIGHT NOW too. hahahaha- no. It's too far from here after all that. And I've run out of leave. Goddammit. It's good to stop though. It felt brilliant today, having my first day off at home with nothing to do since forever.


Next episode:
The Overland, where the mountains absorb words until one is left speechless before them.

(But first, go see [livejournal.com profile] morsla's account here: http://morsla.livejournal.com/85227.html He took some amazing photos!)
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