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Same, same! But different!


Aug. 15th, 2010 02:52 pm
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I am eagerly awaiting the European cinema remake of the concept; i.e. less action and lipservice to emotional depth, more metaphysics and existential angst.
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..excerpt from "The Seeker," a poem by Rilke in his Book of Hours (translated by Robert Bly):

I am circling around God, around the ancient tower,
and I have been circling for a thousand years,
and I still don't know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
or a great song.

(from http://freewillastrology.com)


Feb. 6th, 2010 10:35 am
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Just realised that one of the pieces of excrement masquerading as a human being in this case was a guy I went to school with.

I guess you learn a lot about someone by how they behave when they find themselves in a position of power to be able to make another person a victim.  There is never an excuse for people who take their own shit out on others.  And this is only one case; so much of this shit goes on and the hurt and damage inflicted is significant, whatever level the abuse is taken to.
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It's still raining! Most of yesterday it rained!  Most of today it has rained! Go cyclone tail-end rainy goodness!

Yesterday when I got home, I even took photos of the rain!  Like this one.  Though all you can see is the grey, grey cloud and the wet, wet trees; the actual wetting agent remains *invisible* to the naked lens.  The gumtrees have produced new growth almost instantly (in tree time, anyway) in response and are looking all yellow-green and rather pleased with the wet turn of events.

Today I have become addicted to comparing the realtime rain I can see and hear out the window with the 20 minute-delayed BOM radar image loop. This was beneficial earlier (as well as being a bit worryingly meta-living, I know) by enabling me to pick a window of opportunity between showers to go and dig some serious drainage channels off the sides of the driveway, where the colossal puddles and mudslick had formed. This was necessary after it was a little bit more exciting than I would have liked driving the Rally Sports Festiva through it on the way home yesterday afternoon.! ..And judging by how slippery it was to walk on/in the newly drained and uncovered sticky mudslick, it was lucky I hadn't waited any longer; I don't really want to have car access cut to the outside world.! (Although that *would* be pretty cool come Monday morning.)

This message is brought to you by having lived the last five years in a rain shadow in a drought! (Like a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, only drier.)
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Notes to self.

Work: on problem solving and dealing with idiots Read more... )

Soccer: on playing like in the old days Read more... )
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I moved house in September last year, rather urgently when it came down to it. (Disagreeable neighbours. To the point of taking out an AVO. What can I say; white trash who are the pond scum on the bottom of the gene pool.)

Anyway. Best. Move. Ever.

Now I am living 6km out of town with gumtrees and hoppers and parrots and sky =) It r0cks.

And last weekend, the camera and I had the pleasure of a visit from a (vastly more welcome - and more intelligent) neighbour:

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The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) is 15m tall, 500 tonnes of bronze and is housed in "what is reputedly the largest wooden building in the world." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todaiji_Temple

Inside the hall feels special; the way that powerful places do. I've never felt that so strongly in a place constructed as I do here.

The Temple is crowded but there is calmness in the space; it is built to permit contemplation of the Buddha. I cannot remember now if I first felt it soon after we entered, or if it was not until leaving. No matter. It came upon me as I stared at the threshold of the flames surrounding the Daibutsu and the darkened air in the Temple. That into this quiet space there becomes this immanence, flaming and heralded by the floating Bodhisattvas. And the Buddha sits, seeing, instantaneously and throughout time, called into being by my witnessing.

Even now, the memory is a sacred place in my mind; I have only to remember, to relive and the world shifts and I can feel everything buzzing with the joyous energy of what lies behind and within, so barely contained by lack of perception.

Large picture, which of course does not do it justice )


On the way out of the Temple, there was this poster:

Under here )


The Dharma that Rocks.
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Suddenly I find myself not only awake but neck-deep and thrashing in the rolling violent seas of thought and concept. A sign on a buoy helpfully informs me that this is the "Wikipedia: Thought experiments in philosophy" Sea.

"Holy crap," I think; my brain is not up to pulling me through this. It is still fatigue-fogged and has wings clipped of flight and fancy by long, cold days of trying to make a generator work again from the ground up.

Fortunately, I have Will. And Chai.
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I know that revisiting the cartoons of one's childhood is fraught with danger, and so I haven't been game to watch any of the actual episodes. But the Ulysses 31 intro r0x0rs all the s0cks:


Or perhaps you would prefer auf Deutsch?


All the 80s rock love!
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*We walk in to the spare room, which has a few boxes of my crap in it and then also becomes David's walk-in wardrobe when he's in town*

David: "Sorry, it's a bit like welcome to my nightmare in here."

Mel: *stuffing crap back into an overflowing box* "It's welcome to OUR nightmare, dear."
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Stuff for me, where it will get less lost than in the dark corners of my harddrive.

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I heard in passing of a couple of recently-published books that are whinging about the mediocrity of endeavour that is so prolific in the world wide web. And also, presumably, that this fact is dumbing down (an ugly, boorish term itself) our societies and cultures on a mass scale.

Yes, there is an almightly lot of drivel out here in the wilds. But your discerning viewer, reader and voracious consumer of ideas and emotionally fulfilling hentai is no less discerning now than back in the good old days.* There's just an awful lot more "content" out there to avoid in the quest for intellectual enlightenment.

And the potential of the flipside of the argument is staggering. Now, a large range of worthy, significant, profound and beautiful endeavours - hitherto found only in books with small print, poncy university courses, subtitled films, obscure, self-published magazines, etc - are only a few random google searches and hyperlinks away from anyone.

Of course, that all said, probably most of the world's population doesn't know what an internet is, let alone that it is equally an amazing Swiss Army knife tool for depraved and superficial gratification and a medium that could rival the collective unconscious for the storage and communication of Stuff** that is significant to humans. (And it's usually the best fun when you stumble on a site that provides both, simultaneously.) Our horizons expand :/ (After all, cultural studies strikes me as a looking glass anthropology, where the unknown and unexpected remains in the control of the anthropologist. And remember, one may often feel like an anthropologist at any time, in any place but, as my friend Sandy says, you probably couldn't eat a whole one.)

* Depending on personal mood and inclination, "the good old days" are anything from the cave painting days of 40,000 years ago to pre-1983.

** Hi Mel, welcome to the Idiocracy! ... "Stuff's got electrolytes!"


Right, so. The point is that I found this:


An interesting take on some of the ideas on spirituality, identity and enlightenment in The Divine Invasion. (Philip K Dick. Last lj post. Natch.)
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The Divine Invasion
-Philip K Dick
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Last Saturday I danced to Break On Through. 4w3s0m3. You should try it.

The lean mean workforce policy that SHL has continues to bite us: too much work, not enough people hours. Going to Talbingo fulltime for a few weeks sometime after Easter I think.

There may be exciting news on Tuesday.. (It's make-your-own-horoscope day!)

Think I might make myself a 60s minidress. ..sometime..

Today I am going to vote. Feel free to campaign at me!

Btw, any suggestions for cool decorations for a dinner dance function that is summer-themed? (To complement the inflatable palm trees of course!)

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I think I’m going to like 26. If I had a wish or a time machine (same thing really) I’d go back and be my younger self’s special friend. What attracts me to a person is their ability to care for that poor lonely hurting kid. What I fall in love with is their own childself.

More dancing this year than last year. This is the third day of the rest of my life. More friends. More freedom. Cos I've sure got a lot less to lose now.

But we did it anyhow!

The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful, and so are you
Dear Prudence
Won't you come out to play?

And underneath the pain, she found a strange beach. The sea beckoned and underneath it, she found the world.
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A sheriff related to the minivan If the minivan about a pine cone usually competes with a mortician over the support group, then a skyscraper hides. Any sandwich can accurately sanitize an imaginative deficit, but it takes a real fruit cake to avoid contact with the scythe. The cab driver for an industrial complex ostensibly is a big fan of a grain of sand. A hockey player seeks a steam engine. Now and then, an asteroid near a paper napkin pees on the boiled warranty
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That's interesting. I made a readable filter for LJ and have discovered... that most people don't post that much either these days. I might have to go msn-hunting sometime soon.

In other news, I discovered this morning why we might have ended up rather sleepy and spaced out last night: *someone* was free-pouring G&Ts and ignoring my mention of measuring with a shot glass, saying that "it pours so easily!" and "this drink is so moreish!" (I object to that word so I said, "What, it's big and black?") Anyway, a respectable two drinks each were had. This morning I discover that the gin bottle contained approximately 20 standard drinks and there is half left.


This time we were lucky. But watch out for those Moorish drinks cos, although everything is happy and perfect at the time, with them will come Iago, the morning after of pain and torment!
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